The First Announcement

We are pleased to inform that a next conference on foliations is organized in Poland. The full title is Foliations 2016 – Paweł Walczak's 50 years in mathematics and the event is an occasion to celebrate one of the most recognizable person in the foliation theory.
The Foliations 2016 is planned to ba a a satelite of the 7th European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin which starts just after.
The conference takes place in the Będlewo Conference Center of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, on July 11-17, 2016. The closest (30 km) airport is Poznań.
The Będlewo Conference Center is located at the border of Wielkopolski National Park and offers all the facilities to a nice and effective work, including full-board accomodation in single or double rooms; for details see .
All the the information on the conference is available at where you could pre-register. You could contact the organizers at as well.
The Foliations 2016 is intented to cover all classical and contemporary aspects of the foliation theory with topics influencing and influenced by foliations. These include foliations and laminations of 3-mainifolds, geometric structures (Riemannian, holomorphic, symplectic, contact, confoliations, Engel), 1- an multidimensional dynamics, group actions, holonomy groups and pseudogroups, extrinsic and conformal geometry of foliated Riemannian manifolds, rigidity, characteristic classes etc. We hope to meet together well-known experts with young people and more experienced researchers working in the area. All the participants are encouraged to submit contributed talks or posters.
The following invited speakers are proposed: Julliette Bavard, Jonathan Bowden, Etienne Ghys, Sebastian Hurtado, Victor Kleptsyn, Remi Langevin, Isabelle Liousse, Olga Lukina, Alexander Lytchak, Kathryn Mann, Hirokazu Maruhashi, Emmanuel Militon, Andres Navas, Daniel Peralta, Joaquin Perez.
Scientific committee: Jesus Alvarez, Taro Asuke, Danny Calegari, Maciej Czarnecki, Helene Eynard Bontemps, Thomas Vogel.
The second announcement will appear in February 2016. We wish to see you on Foliations 2016.

On behalf of the organizers,
Maciej Czarnecki